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Saturday, April 29, 2017

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What is HijackThis?
HijackThis is a tool that shows the list of settings found in your computer that are widely used by malware. HijackThis will scan your system's registry and various other files for entries that may contain malware, spyware, adware, worm, virus or trojan infections. There are many legitimate programs that are installed in your operating system in a similar manner that malware gets installed so you must read the warning given below before using HijackThis to fix your PC.

WARNING: HijackThis is a tool that requires advanced knowledge about Windows and operating systems in general. If you delete items that it shows, without knowing what they are, it can lead to other problems such as your Internet no longer working or problems with running Windows itself. It is therefore recommended that you should not fix anything using Hijackthis without consulting an expert. It is also recommended that you should first scan & clean your system using an antispyware program before using Hijackthis to fix your PC.

How to install HijackThis?

Download HijackThis from any of the below given locations:

  1. Download HijackThis Executable
  2. Download HijackThis Installer

HijackThis Executable allows you to save and run HijackThis from any folder without any need of prior installation.
HijackThis Installer will install HijackThis in a specific location and create desktop shortcuts to the executable.

NOTE: If you downloaded Hijackthis Executeable then you can directly move on to Usage Guide by skipping the steps given below for Hijackthis installation.

  1. Once you have downloaded HijackThis installer, double click it to start installation. Here you will see a window as shown in (fig.1.1). Click on "Next" to proceed.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.1)
  2. Now you will see a window showing "End User License Agreement" as shown in (fig.1.2). Select the check box "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" as highlighted red and click on "Next" to proceed.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.2)
  3. Now you will see the window asking you to select the Destination Folder for Hijackthis Installation as shown in (fig.1.3). Select an appropriate directory for installation and click on "Next".
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.3)
  4. Now you will see the window that is telling you that now its ready to install Hijackthis on your system as shown in (fig.1.4). Click on "Install" to continue.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.4)
  5. After this you will see an installation progress window as shown in (fig.1.5). Do nothing and wait for the installation to complete.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.5)
  6. As the installation will be completed you will see a window stating that Hijackthis Setup Wizard is completed as shown in (fig.1.6). Now click on "Finish" to end installation.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.6)

Usage Guide

Now you will run how to use Hijackthis to generate log file which can later be used by an expert to guide you through the process of cleaning your PC from spyware.

  1. If you have downloaded the Hijackthis Executable then just double-click on it and in case of installer find HijackThis shortcut in start menu to run it as shown in (fig.1.7).
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.7)
  2. Upon successful execution you will see a window with different options as shown in (fig.1.8).
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.8)
  3. Click on "None of the above, just start the program" button and you will see the main screen of HijackThis as shown in (fig.1.9). Click on "Scan" to start scanning.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.9)
  4. HijackThis will scan your system and show it report in a list control as shown in (fig.1.10). On the same screen, you will be given an option to save this log. Click on "Save Log" button to save the log file.
    How to use HijackThis (fig.1.10)
  5. Now you can send this log file to any expert for analysis. In case you want us to review your log file, attach the log file to an email and send it to us at