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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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Diagnose and Fix

Who should read this?
This usage guide is for the people who want to check their computers for infections like virus, malware, spyware, worm etc. This guide will explain, how you can get absolutely free support from us using our free tool Diagnose and Fix.

What is Diagnose and Fix?
Diagnose and Fix is an absolutely FREE software released by This is not just a diagnostic tool but also contains powerful virus removal routines which can help you to clean your computer without paying a single penny.

Is Diagnose and Fix FREE?
Yes, Diagnose and Fix is absolutely FREE.

How exactly will Diagnose and Fix clean my computer?
We, at have worked hard to bring automation in the process, following which an end user will be able to get help using Diagnose and Fix. You can find a complete usage guide below. Before following the instructions given in the usage guide, you should understand how you will be able to receive help from our team. Diagnose and Fix is a diagnostic tool. It means that when you will run Diagnose and Fix in your computer, it will scan your system and display a report. The average time taken by this scan is not more than few seconds. After this you will be provided with an option to submit your scan log to our support team. One of our support tech. will check your scan log and email you with the instructions that can be easily followed to clean your computer.

Usage Guide

Click here to download and install Scan Spyware. (The latest build of "Diagnose and Fix" will be automatically installed with Scan Spyware)

  1. After installing ScanSpyware using the default options, you will find the icon shown in (fig.1.1) on your desktop.
    Diagnose and Fix (fig.1.1)
  2. Double click on the icon shown in (fig.1.1) to run Diagnose and Fix. Diagnose and Fix will start scanning your system.
    Diagnose and Fix (fig.1.2)
  3. Diagnose and Fix will complete the scan and display a warning, which you must read (fig.1.3).
    Diagnose and Fix (fig.1.3)
  4. Click on OK button on the warning dialog shown in (fig.1.3). Diagnose and Fix will now display the scan report as shown in (fig.1.4).
    Diagnose and Fix (fig.1.4)
  5. To send a scan log to our support tech. for free analysis, click on 'Get Free Analysis Report' button as shown in (fig.1.4). A scan log will be generated and an email dialog will appear on the screen. See (fig.1.5). Click on the 'Submit' button to send us your system's log.
    You must provide a valid email address in the 'From' field in order to get a reply form our support tech.
    Diagnose and Fix (fig.1.5)